Latest publication launch – Crossing the Geopolitical Rubicon: Assessing the Risks in a post-COVID Age

We are excited to launch our newest publication in collaboration with KCL International Relations Today! The report aims to discuss the different risks associated with a post-COVID political future in different regions. Contributors will use regional geopolitics as a base for their articles and link them with other forms of risk i.e., financial risk, political risk, environmental risk. 

About Us

Who are we

KCL Geopolitical Risk Society is the only student society dedicated solely to intelligence and political, security, environmental and financial risk at King’s College London and is one of the only society’s of its type in the UK.

Our aim is simple. To educate GPRIS members on how political and security risks affect business, NGOs, investors, and society at large. From the ramifications of human rights violations in Xinjiang on sales of tech start-ups in Silicon Valley to the impact of extreme temperature variations in the Peruvian Andes on coffee prices in UK supermarkets, geopolitical risk is all around us in today’s increasingly interconnected world.

At GPRIS we have a passion for exploring how risk is identified, analyzed, and managed by governments, corporations, NGOs and other stakeholders at all levels from the local to global. Through our offering of speaker panels, networking events, and workshops, we create an environment of opportunity by connecting passionate students with experts in this booming industry.

Our events focus on all types of risk-related topics from across the globe. From Climate Change to Artificial Intelligence and from Terrorism to Global Health epidemics, GPRIS has an event for you!

What we offer

Contemporary Blog Posts & Special Reports

Our blog features the latest analysis on geopolitical events, in-depth studies and our Countries to Watch series. Our Special Projects offering is exclusive to actively enrolled King’s students and enables close collaboration on projects with industry.


We host a variety of activities: lectures, institute visits, networking events, workshops, career panels…


We’re always on the lookout for new partnerships and projects with firms operating in the sector and student groups with overlapping interests – get in touch!


Most recent posts

  • China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: The Future of Greater Kashmir?
    Matthew Fishback is pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Relations and is interested in South Asian affairs, especially the Kashmir region. In August 2019, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the Central Government was revoking Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir’s (J&K) special status. [1] Among other things, it allowed J&K to have a separate constitution,…
  • The Geopolitical Risk of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Geostrategic consequences and Impacts on stakeholders
    Niranjan Jose is a third-year law student pursuing BBA LLB from National Law University Odisha (NLUO), India. He is a national level debater with a keen interest in International Relations. At law school, Jose hopes to further his understanding of foreign policy, as well as the intersection of public policy and politics. Introduction The Nagorno-Karabakh…
  • China and Italy: the Belt and Road amid face-mask diplomacy
    Ludovica is an incoming Masters student with a prior degree in Law, who will be studying the International Relations programme at King’s. Her academic interests range from the diplomacy and its different strategies to the impact of the religions on foreign policymaking. She is also interested in Middle-East and Asia region and their fast development…

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