Every year, the KCL Geopolitical Risk Society publishes a Risk Forecast Report which aims to predict and analyse imminent risks in the world.

Special Report October 2020 – Crossing the Geopolitical Rubicon: Assessing the Risks in a post-COVID Age

This special report aims to discuss the different risks associated with a post-COVID political future in different geographic regions. Contributors use regional geopolitics as a base for their articles and link them with other forms of risk i.e., financial risk, socio-political risk, environmental risk.

Risk Report 2020: A World in the Next Decade

Welcome to KCL Geopolitical Risk Society’s second annual risk report. Building on the success of KCL GPRIS’s in- augural Risk 2019 Report, this year’s edition has an even more ambitious goal – to forecast the immense geopolitical shifts which will transform our world in the coming decade.

Risk 2020 is an ambitious project, seeking to draw together the expert insights of KCL GPRIS’s executive committee, staff writers and society members on the key macrotrends shaping global geopolitics in the decade leading up to 2030. The collection of articles below illustrates the broad range of emerging threats, from the new frontiers of Space and Artificial Intelligence to the resurgence of a revanchist Russia and the inexorable rise of China, which our generation – the leaders, policymakers, influencers and change-makers of tomorrow are likely to confront as they emerge into this brave new world.

Risk Report 2019

We are pleased to launch the first yearly risk forecasting report of the society and the only magazine dedicated to forecasting at King’s College London. Access the report below, or alternatively, if the box does not show up, click here.

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