Meet the Committee

2020/2021 Executive Committee

Marcus Tao Mox Lim

President & Senior Editor

Marcus is a final year International Relations student. His academic interests are varied: ranging from assessing the limits of soft power to the impact of decolonisation in the Asia-Pacific region as well as the study of British imperial history. He has a particular interest on the influence of strategic culture’s impact on foreign policymaking. As President, he looks forward in expanding the frequencies of GPRIS publications.

Twitter: @taomox_lim

Carla Tilsiter

Vice President

Carla is BA Politics finalist at KCL. The 2020/21 academic year will be her third year on the GPRIS committee, having been Director of Events in her first year and Treasurer in her second. As VP, she will help devise and implement a new strategic vision to better connect GPRIS to its members. Carla’s geopolitical interests lie at the intersection of finance and politics, particularly in seemingly ‘untraditional’ arenas such as outer space.

Thomas Soerenson


Thomas is a final year student of History and International Relations and Treasurer for the academic year 2020/2021. He seeks to make the society more focused on post-uni job prospects. His academic interests include diplomacy, defence intelligence and economic foreign policy.

Archishman Ray Goswami

Editor in Chief

Archishman is a 2nd year student from India studying International Relations. He is deeply interested in geopolitics, strategic affairs and intelligence, and specialises in issues related to the Middle East and South/Central Asia. In particular, he is interested in the confluence between organised crime, terrorist organisations and intelligence agencies in these regions and how this impacts international politics as a whole.

Roxana Neagoe

Managing Editor & Wellbeing Lead

Roxana is a 2nd year International Relations student. Her interests are varied, ranging from the geopolitics of soft power to foreign policy making. Particularly, she has a deep interest in strategic affairs, defence and security.

Paula Suero Guillermo

Director of Events

Paula is an incoming 3rd Year Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) student. In line with the nature of KCLGPRIS, her interests are quite interdisciplinary, ranging from international energy securitization in a decarbonizing world to public sector regulation or political theory. Talks with professionals, debate-like sessions, career orientations with previous alumni and of course socials are just some of the events which she will be organizing with the help of the committee. We are open to suggestions, so do reach out if there is anything specific that you would like to see happening! Looking forward to seeing you at our events!

Vedant Sinha

Marketing & Outreach Officer

Vedant is a 2nd year Political Economy student from New Delhi, India. He is interested in the interplay of geopolitical risk assessments and behavioural economics. As the Marketing & Outreach Officer for the 2020/21 committee, his goal is to get more people to engage with the society’s events and stay in the loop with what’s happening round the year.

Caroline Kamper

Executive Assistant

Caroline is a 2nd year International Relations & War Studies student from Denmark! Her interests in the realms of international relations range from the topics of defence and security as shown by her module choices next year. She is both the Executive Assistant for GPRIS as well as the Social Secretary for the War Studies Society. She is currently ‘isolating’ in Denmark and looks forward to returning to London to revisit her favourite spot at the Maughan (she will never tell …) and hang out at her local Wetherspoons with her friends (fingers crossed)!.

Julia Hoffmann

Year 1 Representative

Julia joined King’s College as a first-year International Relations major this year. As she is half German and half Chinese, she has always been interested in geopolitics and foreign affairs. Her main interests are the wars of the 20th century and the reorganization of the international order in the 21st century and beyond . As First-Year Representative, she aspires to make first years aware of the many opportunities the Geopolitical Risk Society present; ranging from events on the political dangers of our global world and contributing to our annual Risk Forecast Report.

Tom Baker

Postgraduate Events & Liaison Officer

Tom is postgraduate student studying Russian and Eurasian Politics and Economics at the King’s Russia Institute. His Geopolitical interests are primarily found in pipeline politics and energy security, Russia’s role in the Near Abroad, and Eurasian security. He hopes to attract a range of speakers across the disciplines and to build on the work of previous committees on careers guidance.


2019/2020 Committee

  • President: Ingrid Udd
  • Vice President: Will Marshall
  • Treasurer: Carla Tilsiter
  • Events Officers: Malak Mihoubi & Paul Grandeau
  • Marketing & Outreach Officer: Elena Roubinski
  • Editor-in-Chief: Dominic McClaran
  • Executive Assistant: Tao Mox Lim

2017/2018 Committee

  • President: Richard Huang
  • Vice President: Haya Chemaitilly
  • Treasurer: Bérénice Storti
  • Editor-in-Chief: Julien Friedman
  • Social Secretary: Amélie Bozec
  • Events Officers: Danny Al-Khafaji & Rachel Bluestone

2018/2019 Committee

  • President: Haya Chemaitilly
  • Vice President: Florin Farner
  • Treasurer: Ingrid Udd
  • Editor-in-Chief: Will Marshall
  • Social Secretary: Eva Barnsley
  • Events Officers: Carla Tilsiter & Viktor Sundman

2016/2017 Committee

  • President: Constantin Wangenheim
  • Vice President: Samuel Forsythe
  • Treasurer: Hugo Altmayer
  • Careers Officer: Richard Huang
  • Marketing Officer: Sanjana Varghese

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