Current Staff Writers

We are pleased to announce our ten staff writers for the KCL Geopolitical Risk Society Blog. Our writers consists of both undergraduate students as well as Master’s students who share a wide variety of academic interests.

Jack Simpson

MA International Conflict Studies

Jack is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in International Conflict Studies. After studying Politics in Essex and Bergen he has developed a focus upon current and emerging threats, such as: new theatres for conflict e.g. the Arctic and Space, analysing how climate change affects geopolitical scenarios and energy security. 

Avery Benton

BA Third Year Ancient History

Avery is a third year undergraduate studying Ancient History BA. She is heavily involved in and keen on researching contemporary world events: particularly, she is interested in nationalism and manifestations of democracy and their effects on state’s domestic and international policies, US foreign policy, and Transatlantic relations.

Luka Robenalt

BA Second Year History and International Relations

Luka is a second-year History and International Relations student from Colorado, USA. His geopolitical interests include U.S. foreign policy, the Transatlantic Alliance, and the advent of great power rivalry. Luka loves to participate in evocative conversations and thoughtful debate. When not ruminating on the complexities of geopolitical threats, Luka enjoys hiking and fishing the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and exploring London’s many beautiful parks. 

Sara Lucia Pastrana

Lucia is a second-year International Relations BA student. Her academic interests are focused in poverty,  gender studies and economic development in the Global South as well as policies to foster sustainability and equity in the region. In terms of non-academic interests, she is a big fan of dogs and their therapeutic nature, enjoys the sea, 90’s rap and modern jazz as well as watching unpopular films.

Nader Di Michele

Nader is a third-year Politics student from Italy and Iran and has a particular interest in Middle Eastern security and proxy conflicts. He is also particularly interested in the intersection between national, environmental and energy security.

Michael Liu

Michael is a current second year BA History and International Relations student, with specific interests in how the idiosyncrasies of human behaviour, particularly manifested in historical narratives, coexist and collide with the practical realities of the world. Or in short – the stories people create and tell themselves in trying to cope with and navigate the possibilities and constraints of a complex world.

Gian Paolo Sabatini

Gian is currently starting his final year in Political Economy at King’s College London. At an academic level, he is passionate about geopolitical dynamics concerning Economic Imperialism and Foreign Policy as well as being interested in Impact Investment and Renewables.

Tom Baker

Tom is a masters student reading Russian and Eurasian Politics and Economics at the KCL Russia Institute. At an academic level, he is most interested in the geopolitical dynamics of energy security in Post-Soviet Eurasia, as well as possessing a broad passion for Russian and Central Asian society and politics.

Chloe Delaitre

BA Second Year in International Relations

Chloé Delaitre is a half-Spanish half-French second year International Relations student at King’s College London. She is the current Editorial Assistant for IR Today. Her interests lie in international diplomacy, global politics, risk analysis and humanitarian intervention. 

Luigi Paoli Pucetti

MA International Relations

Luigi is a Masters student in International Relations from Rome. Previously, he pursued a degree in Law at the LUISS University of Rome with a particular focus on International Law. He is particularly interested in international security and defence issues, especially concerning the Middle East, Africa and the Caucasus.

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