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Blog Submission Guidelines

If you would like to write a piece published on our blog, as a casual contributor, here are some tips.

The theme for our blog is geopolitics and risk, broadly defined. Check out our intro to geopolitical risk here. We accept interviews, book reviews, and prefer hard-hitting analysis over commentary.  All submissions should fall into one of the following categories; geopolitics, political risk, security, development, environment, economics and finance, tradecraft, or methodology. If you are unsure as to whether your piece is relevant, feel free to pitch your idea to us at gpriseditorial@gmail.com

  • Submissions should be around 800 words to 1,200 words. For longer pieces, we ask that you pitch your idea to us first.
  • We ask that you read through our submission guidelines for a quick glance at our house style.
  • The writing style is academic: an introduction with a clear argument, etc.
  • We ask that you acknowledge sources (quotations, statistics, photography): please provide at the end of your article a reference list using any referencing style.
  • Please submit a short (3 – 4 sentences) biography and a featured image (bear in mind the copyrights) to be published with your article.

The responsibility for original content rests with the author. The views, responsibility for facts and opinions rests exclusively with the writers and their interpretation of not necessarily reflect on the views of KCL Geopolitical Risk Society and KCL International Relations Today.